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Our Story

Cascade canine is a small locally owned, family run business that focuses on personalized training. Limited spaces ensure that every dog is given the time they need to not only learn but to master skills. One-on-one training ensures that dogs will not be just another number on an annual goal or another line on a training chart. The more individual attention a dog receives the more successful they are going to be. It’s the difference between going to a local workout class vs. hiring a personal trainer, who you live with for three weeks.

Ziva being impatient about office work

Start to finish, just the two of us work with each dog. This helps dogs bond to a trainer and build a stronger bond, faster. The bulk of the training, outings and day to day living are performed by Conor. Alex is always around to help with work requiring multiple dogs, daily chores and the backing/support that working 16 hour days takes. The joy of this is that communication is seamless. No lost notes, multiple training methods, inconsistencies. One tiny team from start to finish.

Farm life is always interesting for dogs who are used to city life

Today, most dogs are tightly embedded parts of our family. We send our kids to school everyday for an education but we sometimes forget about the four legged family members. Our dogs need similar guidance. The first step is investing in their education. Learning to communicate with our dogs is essential to bond between family and dog. Having a well behaved and trained dog both eliminates stress and increases joy for both dog and family. I know how much more harmoniously a household operates with trained dogs. Nothing is better than having people and families reach out months later and thank me for the profound difference that training has made in their house. While on the surface our goal may be to train dogs, Cascade Canine really strives to make households and families a better place for both humans and dogs alike. Our true goal is to make dogs the best friends and family they can be!

Our Team

Conor Kehoe

Growing up with dogs around was just the beginning of the road for Conor. In 2015 he dove head first and fell in love with the process of dog training. By 2017, Conor realized that he had found his calling as a dog trainer. In November 2019, Cascade Canine was launched. While still maintaining a full time job outside of training dogs, he began to invest more time and energy into training and building his business. In 2021, he was able to transition full time into training.


The behind the scenes hero of Cascade Canine is Alex. Born and raised in Oregon, Alex is always working. She’s up early every morning to help with dogs and stays up late making sure everything is squared away for the following day. While maintaining a separate job she works with dogs as often as she can. She’s always ready to go to for dogs when they need someone to cuddle with or need that motherly love that only she can provide.


Being born into a house full of dogs, Callan has really taken the task of being the best sibling and human that he can be for his dogs. He wasn’t even two year old before taking over feeding(with mom and dad’s help) and knowing most of their command in both English and French. Currently just an apprentice, he enjoys the outings that he gets to go on with client dogs and learning all about them.

Don’t just take our word for it!

Conor is thorough, professional, and fantastic to work with! He has an attention to detail and above-and-beyond attitude that sets him apart from other trainers and borders. He approaches all training with a solid knowledge of dog behavior and passion that shows in his work, both with dogs and owners. I would recommend him in a heartbeat. You, and your dog, are in good hands!

Amanda – Google Review

I boarded my ~energetic~ lab/Shepard mix for a weekend and Conor took great care of him! There is a huge field for the dogs to play and my dog seemed very happy and comfortable when I came to pick him up. We will use them again!

Annie – Google Review

Conor is the absolute best. We have an 8-month-old Malinois // Dutchie mix (IYKYK) who hadn't spent a single night away from me since we adopted her. Mars had a great time — she met a goat named Craig, got to play with other dogs with a similar genetic makeup which was a first for her, and became friends with his 19-month-old son, which was her first-ever experience with a child. I got photos and videos throughout her stay, and Conor put up with my incessant inquiries. He also gave me training accessory recommendations and connected me with a great trainer in my area (if I lived in Oregon, I'd hire him for training yesterday). I literally couldn't have asked for a better first-time boarding experience and will ask him to take care of Mars every time we're in the area. His wife is experienced with dogs and super sweet also. Such a special find.


We found Conor last minute and he was able to accommodate us. He also was able to help watch my pup when I went in for a surgery. Earl loved his stay. Lots of room to run and play fetch. We'll be back that's for sure!


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